Executive Directors - Zackria Hashim

Zackria Hashim
Executive Director - Land Acquisition

Zackria Hashim completed his schooling at Bishop Cotton's Boy's School Bangalore and his graduation at St.Joseph's College, Bangalore. He then joinedhis father in his retail outlet for audio systems, 'Radio Center', and spearheaded the expansion of the business into electronics. In 1965 he made his first foray into real estate and soon went into the business on a full time basis. Having closely partnered with Prestige Garden Developments to sign up several developments including Prestige Four Seasons, Prestige Obelisk and Prestige Ozone, he finally joined Prestige's board as a director during the launch of Prestige Shantiniketan. Hashim is an avid traveler, a self-confessed foodie and enjoys listening to both Western and Indian music.