Prestige Technostar - Overview
Prestige Technostar
  • Location
    Brookefield Main Road, Bangalore
  • Development Type
    Commercial Office Spaces
  • Development Size
    Total Built-up Area of 10,54,655 sq ft
  • Rental Availability

Prestige Technostar is a state-of-the-art office space accessibly located on Brookefield Main Road, incorporating a huge, brilliantly landscaped central open lung space of 1.8 acres, with water features and socialising zones. It offers a world class office space of 10,54,655 sq ft, with large elongated floor plates of 25,000 to 30,000 sq ft and is also planned as three buildings with separate service cores to offer the flexibility of functioning as a single/multi-tenanted space.

Besides offering the benefit of shared amenities, including two levels of Food & Beverage facilities, a gymnasium and a crèche, it also provides parking for a total of 1,897 cars in the basements, at the stilt level, in an MLCP facility and on the surface. It features extensive tree plantations along the periphery to filter the ambient traffic noise and add richness to the pedestrian experience. In short, everything that makes for offices that are designed to inspire excellence is incorporated!

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