Prestige Group

Welcome to the Prestige Eyrie Privilege Program.

This exclusive endeavor is a result of much thought and careful consideration. It is in fact, the first time that Prestige has introduced a service of this nature. Prestige Eyrie has been crafted to be a luxury lifestyle management service. We believe the timing is opportune, as it presents a new way to build and strengthen our relationship with you.

The crown jewel of Prestige Eyrie is our one of a kind concierge service. Please login so we can guide you through the use of this service.

From time to time you will be invited to partake in exclusive events across the globe. And it would certainly be inspiring and motivating for us to receive feedback on these experiences; importantly it will help us hone into your preferences.

Here's a glimpse of the kind of events you will be privy to-The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California World Sacred Spirit Fest, Jodhpur Russell Peters World Tour, Bangalore, Mumbai & Chennai And plenty more.

As a privileged member, you will also be eligible to receive exclusive offers from the world's best brands. Details of offers will be featured in the privileges section post login.

And of course, you will receive special issues of the tastefully curated Prestige magazine

Naturally, joining the Prestige Eyrie Privilege Program is by invitation only. Above all, the Prestige Eyrie Privilege Program is a demonstration of how much value we place on our continued relationship.