Prestige Tech Park IV - Specifications

The complete development comprises of 3 Office Blocks and 1 Multi-Level Car Park. Blocks 1 & 3 are approximately 3.50 lakh sqft. in area, while the area of Block 2 is about 4 lakh sqft. The MLCP Block is about 2.15 lakh sqft in area

The Office Blocks comprise 2 Levels of Basement, Ground + 9 Upper Floors, while the MLCP Block contains 2 Basements, Ground + 6 Upper Floors

The Floor Plate is approximately 36,000 sqft for Blocks 1 & 3 and 41,000 sqft for Block 2. The Service Core is located at the Center for all Blocks

Blocks 1 & 3 are provided with 6 Passenger & 1 Service Lift in total, while Block 2 has 8 Passenger & 1 Service Lift. The Car Park Block is equipped with 2 Passenger Lifts, in total

Each Floor is provided with 2 sets each of Ladies & Gents Toilets along with 1 Handicapped Toilet as well as Janitor Room

The Office Blocks are interconnected through the Sky Bridges, located at the 5th & 9th Levels

The Office Building Facade language comprises of a combination of Aluminum Composite Panels and Unitized/Semi-Unitised Structural Double-Glazing Systems on all 4 sides

The Structural System used for the Office & MLCP Blocks are Flat Slabs with Drop Panels and the grid is 11.0 meters, centre to centre in a square configuration

The Basement Floor comprises of Parking & Service Rooms, with ample Car Parking Provisions planned in the 2 Levels of Basement, the MLCP and the Surface

The Buildings are serviced by a Reinforced Concrete Driveway all around & the Access Road is 30 meters wide, leading directly to the Outer Ring Road

Landscape & Greenery have been provided all around the building and consists of varieties of Flowering & Non-Flowering Species

The Building houses Fire Fighting Systems in conformity to regulations set by the National Building Code and as approved by the Fire Department

Power Back-up in the form of 8, 2000KVA DG Sets are provided on the premises