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Javed Shafiq Rao
Chief Executive Officer - Property Management

Javed Shafiq Rao

Mr. Javed is a proven visionary and transformative leader with an exceptional track record of steering our organization towards unparalleled success and currently holds the position of CEO - Property Management at Prestige Group.

Spearheaded as an International Real Estate Property Management Expert with a career spanning 20+ years, he has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to excellence, strategic vision and a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics that govern this industry. Currently managing the portfolio of 150+ properties which includes 50,000 residential units, offices and more than 2 lakh happy customers being serviced by a strong workforce of 5K+ in-house team.

As part of Prestige Group CSR initiatives, Javed has created a positive impact on society and the environment through his voluntary actions.

He possesses a remarkable ability to drive innovation and transformation through cutting-edge technology. Under his astute leadership, we have achieved remarkable growth and expanded our service portfolio to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

One of Javed's most distinguishing qualities is his innate understanding of the critical importance of client satisfaction. He has instilled a customer-centric culture throughout the organization, resulting in consistently high client retention rates and a reputation for delivering exceptional service that goes beyond expectations.

He strives to make conscientious and sustainable business decisions that are good for our Assets, Stakeholders, Communities and the Environment.

While holding P&L accountability and exhibiting a sharp business acumen, Javed encompasses a deep understanding of the various facets of business operations and the ability to make sound decisions that align with the organization's strategic objectives

A people person and a self-motivated individual who excels in building strong relationships, radiating a steadfast sense of positivity that he generously imparts to his colleagues and associates.