The woman of today has a much larger role to play than ever before! From an independant Business Professional to a Doting Mother, each of these roles brings with it a great deal of stress. Keeping this in mind, Angsana Oasis Spa has put together some rejuvenating packages just for HER...

90 Minute Session
Untie the Knots & Get Back to Basics
30 Minute Back Massage
30 Minute Face Massage

180 Minute Session
Worry Free
90 Minute Body Massage
60 Minute Facial or Body Conditioner
Body Bliss
180 Minute Session
Nourishing Touch
60 Minute Body Massage or Facial
90 Minute Hand or Foot Paraffin

Note: Angsana sessions include a Complimentary 30 minute calm time on us. Enjoy the Difference!