Weddings at Angsana

Wedding decorations are a matter of personal choice and are a very important part of your overall theme. We make sure you have the decorator of your choice to set the day's tone and theme.

Chef – To Assist In Menu Selection
Our chefs, bring their valuable experience to the table and help you in deciding your menu, explaining every dish, while even recommending specials. Once finalized, your only pending job is to soak up the special occasion with your guests and enjoy every bite.

Spa / Beauty Treatment
Our signature Angsana Spa is renowned for its Skin Treatment, Body Care and Massages, need we say more...?

Reserved Car Parking Space
With a beeline of guests, but naturally parking is another factor you’ll be required to account for. We have ample space reserved for that, letting both you and your guests worry more about the functions, than about the safety of their vehicles, with our secured valet parking services within the hotel premises.

Suppliers of Allied Services
We have a team of empanelled event managers who will take care of all your requirements, allowing you to enjoy your date with destiny.