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Prestige Property Management & Services

Prestige has always been committed to give its customers the best value and service. It is in line with this philosophy that Prestige Property Management and Services (PPMS) was set up in 1996, to provide High Quality Maintenance and Post Construction Care for all Prestige Developments. The Prestige Group, in fact, can be credited to be the first builders in India to come up with a dedicated division specially assigned for Post Construction Care.

The Property Management division in fact has the highest number of employees under the Prestige Group, a 950 member strong work force. The team is committed to deliver Professional Building Management and Services, such as:

The objective for Property Management has always been to provide world class support and maintenance services for all Prestige Properties, and our 950 member strong Property Management Team have been specially trained to maintain the impeccable standards that is the hallmark of all Prestige Developments.

The services offered can be customised to meet the varying needs of the diverse range of developments that Prestige creates – be it high-rise commercial complex’s housing big MNCs, residential apartments with beautifully landscaped grounds, sprawling luxurious villas or shopping malls of international standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment is used to keep every aspect of the property in mint condition and meet all the stated and unstated needs of our clients.

We have worked with several residential customers to develop a transparent maintenance model that gives them a better understanding of property maintenance and enables them to manage costs. In terms of commercial investors, we have helped them in assessing their property and address issues periodically. This practice of undertaking "periodical maintenance' helps extend the life of the asset so that owners receive the best possible rents. We offer a range of billing options and work so that customers can choose to customize the property management package to suit their individual needs.

Testimonials to the excellence of the Prestige Property Management Team, lies in the awards the company has received regularly at various horticultural shows, for the breathtaking landscapes maintained by them that are an inevitable feature of all Prestige Properties.

Prestige Property Management and Services has recently set up a new team that is committed to help Prestige property owners get best value for rentals and re-sales. Rather than deal with sundry brokers and agents, customers can list their properties with us and we will ensure that the property is rented out or sold, for the best possible value.

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