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Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold

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Project Highlights

RERA No PRM/KA/RERA/1250/303/PR/240122/004653
Development Size 50 Acres
Number of Units 396 units

About Prestige Marigold

Welcome to Bengaluru’s feature rich residential community - Prestige Marigold. Packed with convenience and amenities that your life demands, all brilliantly planned and seamlessly juxtaposed to form a unique harmonious community.

Prestige Marigold’s brilliant location makes you well positioned to enjoy everything a citizen of the world requires. Secluded from the noise and din of the city and yet within immediate reach of its many conveniences. A truly vibrant environment.


  • Skating Area
  • Kids Play Area
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Chess Plaza
  • Yoga Lawn
  • Senior Citizen Area
  • Organic Farming Area
  • Half Basketball Court
  • Cricket Practice Area
  • Futsal Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Amphitheatre
  • Party Lawn
  • Tennis Court
  • Pet Park

Masterplan/ Location Map


1. Roads and Pathways

  • Imposing entrance designed to complement the classical style of architecture
  • 12m wide internal road with a 6m carriageway laid with asphalted driveways
  • 9m wide internal road with a 5.5m carriageway laid with asphalted driveways
  • Concrete finish on all pedestrian pathways
  • Landscaped avenues on either side of the road
  • Each plot has a defined access finished in concrete from the approach road

2. Electrical

  • LED Street Lighting
  • Underground conduits for fibre optic provision for data and voice
  • Underground power lines to distribute power from transformer yards to individual feeder pillars
  • Power to be drawn from the transformer to the feeder pillars with provision up to the plot

3. Plumbing

  • Irrigation network for common landscape
  • Underground Dual Water supply system through UPVC pipes to cater for domestic use and treated water for flushing purposes and Landscape
  • Plumbing lines will be terminated within the plots for water supply & sewerage
  • Underground sanitary lines connected to an STP
  • OHT & UG sump of suitable capacity with adequate
    head / pressure

4. Services

  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Water treatment plant with underground sump tank
  • Organic Waste Convertor

5. Safety and Security

  • Security cabin at main entrance
  • Entrance gate with RFID boom barriers
  • CCTV cameras provided at the main entrance & exit, service yards and children’s play area

6. Water Conservation

  • Treated water used for landscape irrigation as well as flushing purposes in all homes
  • Recharge pits for rainwater harvesting

7. Landscape Features

  • Urban garden areas.
  • Avenue plantation for internal and public roads with low maintenance plants
  • All landscape lights designed to enhance hardscape and soft scape


1. What is Prestige Marigold and where is it located?

Prestige Marigold is a plotted development, located off NH7, Margondanahalli Chapparkal Road, Devanahalli Taluk, in North Bangalore. The project is accessible from multiple roads.

2. How many plots does the project have?

The project has a total of 396 plots spread across approximately 50 acres with a scope for future expansion. All roads and other infrastructure will be common for any other future development / expansion of Prestige Marigold.

3. What are the different types of plots available?

The project has multiple standard plot sizes such as 30X40, 30X50, 40X60, 50X80 and plus size plots.

4. What are the distinct advantages or the USPs of this project?

The project is located on Margondanahalli Chapparkal Road, Devanahalli Taluk,in North Bangalore with excellent social and civic infrastructure with close proximity to major roads, International airport, and the best schools in Bangalore.

5. Who are the Architects/Master Planners of Prestige Marigold?

The Architecture firm Architect Hafeez Contractor (Mumbai) are the principal designers, Infrastructure Consultants are AUM Technologies, MEP Consultants are Design Tree and the Landscape Consultants are PSLDE (Mumbai).

6. What is the construction status and when is the possession of Prestige Marigold?

Infrastructure work is in progress and the project is scheduled to be completed by March, 2023.

7. Is the project RERA registered?

Yes the project is registered with Karnataka RERA and the RERA registration number is PRM/KA/RERA/1250/303/PR/240122/004653

8. Who is the sanctioning authority for the Development?

BIAPPA (Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority is the authorised sanctioning authority for this development.

9. Is the title of the property clear?

Legal due diligence has been done. The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.

10. Which Khata category does the plotted development fall under? Who is the issuing authority?

E-Khata from Margondanahalli Village, Jalige Panchayat, Devanahalli Taluk shall be applicable for this development, post registration of the plot.

11. How do I book a plot at Prestige Marigold?

Please identify your plot from the available options.

  • Fill in the booking application form & provide your KYC documents. 
  • Pay the initial booking amount of 10% by way of cheque / DD favouring "ACE Realty Ventures" together with required supporting documents.
  • Applicant(s) are requested to pay all dues/ payments in full without any deductions. Prestige shall deposit TDS as applicable with the relevant authorities on behalf of the applicant(s).

12. What happens thereafter?

On realization of the initial payment of 10% on booking and 10% on allotment, you will be required to issue post-dated cheques (PDCs) for the balance installments. Agreements will follow thereafter.

13. When do I get a confirmed allotment?

On payment of 20% of the sale value and submission of post-dated cheques for the remaining amount, the allotment will be confirmed.

14. How are installments to be paid and is it time bound?

Installments are to be paid by way of post-dated cheques which is a pre-condition of the allotment. This schedule of payment is on a time bound basis as mentioned in the payment schedule. In case of a home loan, these PDCs are held with us as a collateral & returned back at the time of possession.

15. What are the Documents that need to be signed?

The Documents that need to be signed are Agreement to Sell, followed by a Sale Deed upon completion of the development.

16. What is the process of registration and when does registration take place?

Registration will be done only on completion of the development and on payment of the entire sale consideration including the additional charges. The customer will need to register the plot within 60 days of the date of intimation of registration.The registration will be carried out by the agency / advocate identified by the Developer.

17. Is the Clubhouse a part of the common facilities? Do the plot owners of Prestige Marigold become part-owners of the Clubhouse?

The ownership of the club house at Prestige Marigold has been retained by the Developer and is not a common facility. The site owners in the project shall be entitled to make use of these facilities on an availability basis and by paying user / usage charges as prescribed by the Developer. It shall be non-exclusive and the Developer shall be entitled to allow any persons to use the clubhouse including outsiders and non-site owners in the project 

18. Is the Clubhouse exclusive to the residents / owners of Prestige Marigold?

The ownership of the club at Prestige Marigold has been retained by the developer and is not a common facility. The club will be constructed by the Developer on a commercial plot earmarked on the Sanctioned Plan. The site owners in the project shall be entitled to make use of these facilities by paying club subscription and user / usage charges as prescribed by the Developer. It shall be non-exclusive and the Developer shall be entitled to allow any persons to use the club including outsiders and non-site owners. The rights of membership, access and ownership of the Club vests with the Developer. 

19. Will the Clubhouse be operational before the handing over of the plots?

The clubhouse will be constructed by the Developer on a commercial plot earmarked on the Sanctioned Plan. The clubhouse will not be a common facility or a common amenity and will purely be a commercial venture by the Developer / Seller. The Clubhouse shall be made available for use 24 months after the completion date of the project.

20. What are the additional amounts to be paid?

Clubhouse membership charges, Khata assessment & bifurcation charges, Agreement franking charges, egistration & Stamp duty charges, Sinking fund & Advance maintenance for 3 years, GST, TDS and any other statutory charges/ duties as applicable. 

GST will be collected along with booking amount and installments spread till possession.

21. Can multiple residential houses be constructed on one plot? Can I register the floors independently?

As per regulations, only one residential dwelling unit can be constructed and registered on a single plot.

22. Are there any guidelines to be followed for constructing my house after taking the handover of the plot?

The general guidelines to be followed are as under –

  • The plot may be used for residential purpose only
  • The owner shall take all requisite approvals from the relevant authorities before the start of construction.
  • The owner shall not encroach any common area or adjacent plots on either temporary or permanent basis during the construction. He / she shall restrict the extent of the construction, including boundary wall / fence to the plot boundary.
  • The owner shall take responsibility of any damage(s) which may happen to the common area and amenities due to the construction related activities, in such case, appropriate measures including financial costs for rectification or the rectification responsibility itself can be imposed on the owner.
  • The owner shall ensure that all construction activity related guidelines of the community including access routes, noise-related restrictions, availability of common facilities and timelines for construction activities is adhered to fully.
  • The owner can contact the Developer for any assistance in case of a query. The Developer, may make available certain design templates for reference purposes.

23. What are the infrastructure essentials which will be provided in Prestige Marigold?

The essential infrastructure elements provided are as follows-

  • Motorable roads
  • Services laid under the roads, terminating into every plot –
    • Telecom Line
    • Water Supply Line
    • Sewage Line
    • Power Line
  • Streetlights
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) 
  • Overhead Tank for Water Storage
  • Transformer Yard, electrical cabling from transformer yard till every plot

24. Is there a time limit within which I will have to start and finish the construction of a residential unit on the purchased plot post the handing over of the plot?

No, there is no time limit within which the construction needs to start or finish. However, the same is subject to change, as per the guidelines of the relevant statutory authorities.

26. What if I have any more questions/clarifications?

Please email us at:, or
Contact us on Toll Free: 1800-313-0080, or Meet us
at: Prestige Estates Projects Ltd., ‘The Falcon Towers’
No 19, Brunton Road, Bangalore – 560025.

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