Prestige Misty Waters – Vista Tower

Location: hebbal kempapura survey no 6/2 a,6/2b,Vayunandana layout next to Jain heritage School, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024, India
Bedrooms: 2.5, 3 Bedrooms

Mornings at Bangalore are about a nip in the air, a light mist swirling about you and a cool wind sending pleasurable shivers down your spine wake up to a home where you can get your day off to just such an invigorating start. Prestige Misty Waters – Vista Tower is a verdant, well laid out enclave of high rise apartments situated just off the outer ring road at Hebbal. With a superb elevation, top of the line amenities, a refreshing landscape and a view to fall in love with. Every quality in fact that you have come to take for granted from prestige. Close to all essential conveniences and yet comfortable insulated from the bustle and bother. Just the way you prefer your home to be. Turn the page and discover a home where you will wake up to each new day renewed vigour to take on the world.

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