The Falcon Soars to Elevate the Residential Landscape in Mumbai

Proudly radiating the power of undaunted success, The Prestige Group has established its stature as one of India’s finest real estate developers. Founded in 1986, they are the only CRISIL DA1 rated developer in India, which has established a giant and diverse portfolio covering the residential, commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality domains.

A phenomenon that took birth in Bengaluru has bloomed far and wide to span across Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mangalore and Goa. With over 250 successfully completed projects in their pockets, this award-winning group now plans to expand its wings to the commercial capital of the nation; Mumbai, to offer its exclusive brand of quality and value. This land of opportunities and hub of all exciting endeavours accepts people from nation over to help them achieve their aspirations. The Prestige Group operates under the same ethos and hence aims to bring about a perfect union of two similar ideals, coming together to make dreams come true.

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(Disclaimer: All property Information will be updated post RERA approval.)