Prestige Glenwood - Overview
Tel No:   +91 99028 22005
Prestige Glenwood
  • Location
    Budigere, Bangalore
  • Development Type
    Twin Houses and Independent Villas
  • Development Size
    15 Acres
  • Number of Units
    116 Twin Houses and Villas
  • Pricing
    INR 2.24 Crores Onwards

Revel in the freshness of the air, enjoy the comfort of complete privacy and immerse yourself in the lap of luxury at Prestige Glenwood..

This quietly elegant, picture perfect community of twin houses and independent villas at Budigere Cross, off Old Madras Road, Bangalore is just a short drive away from the city and airport.

Sprawled across 15 acres, these independent villas have their own private lawns and are surrounded by delightfully landscaped open areas, lush gardens and cobbled pathways. With world-class amenities and the best in architecture, Prestige Glenwood fulfills your picture of the perfect home!

You could give our Executives a call on +91 78998 43023 (Mr. Amir Refai) or +91 91084 44868 (Ms. Remya) for further information/to express your interest in this development.