Prestige Hermitage - Overview
Tel No:   +91 90088 64909
Prestige Hermitage
  • Location
    Kensington Road, Bangalore
  • Development Type
    Residential Apartments
  • Number of Units
    23 Units (4 Bedrooms)
  • Pricing
    INR 18 Crores Onwards

The creative genius of the master sculptor, the expressive flair of the classical diva, the mystical lustre of a celebrated gemstone…

All these are timeless in their quality and belong to the ages. They are the measures of their own genius, for which no common yardstick will suffice.

Of such incomparable stock, without peer in its time, is Prestige Hermitage.

A home that has not been built, but carefully sculpted to realise a creative vision that is larger than life.

A vision that resonates with the tastes and needs of those rarefied few, whose very presence is a command.

A single tower of twenty three floors. With just one home on each floor. Keeping your privacy inviolate. And your space sacred.

Turn the page and explore the masterpiece that we invite you to turn into your home.

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