Why is the Falcon The Prestige Group Logo ?

A clear and far sighted view of the future is critical for enduring success in real estate. Property, of any asset class, is a long term investment. The ability to pioneer new ideas and concepts that stand the test of time is what differentiates thought leaders from the herd. For more than three decades, the extraordinary vision of Prestige’s leadership has enabled us to lead the Indian real estate industry to scale new heights of excellence.


01. Speed

Diving at speeds in excess of 300km an hour, with the ability to change direction at will, the Falcon is the fastest living being and one of the most agile birds.

Speed is a core requirement of excellence in real estate. Brisk and timely completion of projects. Instantaneous response to changing market dynamics. Rapid adoption and deployment of new concepts, methods and technologies. All these are what set apart Prestige and place us at the forefront of the industry.


02. Vision

For visual acuity few living things can match the Falcon. Its vision is 2.6 times stronger than the human eye and it can pinpoint the tiniest of prey on earth while soaring several hundred feet high in the sky.

Setting trends and breaking paths are all in a day’s work at Prestige. Whether it is the single largest commercial office development in India, the country’s first scientifically organised mall, Bangalore’s largest integrated township, or the country’s first luxury shopping destination. And the list will continue to grow, we promise!


03. Power

The Falcon is a bird of great differentiated variety, coming in sizes from 6 inches all the way up to 2 feet. Yet its power, flight and formidable attacking prowess are uniformly strong and unquestionable

Diversity is the hallmark of the great real estate brand. Leading the way in all asset classes – commercial, residential, retail, tech parks/SEZs, retail/leisure, hospitality – Prestige is arguably the most differentiated real estate company in India and thereby the strongest and most sustainable as well.