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Rezwan Razack
Joint Managing Director

Rezwan Razack

As the Co-Founder of Prestige Estates Projects Ltd., Mr. Rezwan Razack brings in over four decades of experience in the business of property development. Mr. Razack is the Managing Director of the Prestige Group, India’s leading property developer, where he has played a pivotal role in taking the Company to its present level.

The second son of Razack Sattar, Mr. Razack entered his family’s retail business in 1975 and diversified into property development in 1985. Clearly, he has inherited his father’s zest for excellence, and is a high flier from the word go.

Mr. Razack’s pleasant demeanour and affable nature has been an asset for the Group’s team building efforts. He handles all construction and engineering activities of the Prestige Group, where he has built a highly motivated team. His excellent people skills have created an environment where team members can execute assignments with confidence and effectiveness.

Mr. Razack is not a person to be limited by business goals alone. A philanthropist by nature, he dedicated himself to coordinating the ‘Terry Fox Run’– a fundraising event in aid of Cancer Research in Bengaluru. For this effort, the Governor General of Canada, Mr. David Johnston, during his State visit in 2014, awarded a Medallion and Scroll to him. Mr. Razack staunchly supports the PRAY (Pain Relief and You) Foundation, which provides medical assistance to the underprivileged.

Among a host of other hats that Mr. Razack dons, he is an avid golfer, a music aficionado, a wildlife photographer, a keen ornithologist, an F1 motor sports buff and a free-wheeling cook. His interests have stemmed from his wide travels across the globe.

The most remarkable facet of Mr. Razack’s personality is his passion for collecting Indian Banknotes and Paper Money. His collection of Indian Paper Money is unrivalled and the most comprehensive in the world today.

This hobby, fuelled by Mr. Razack’s relentless passion and zest for knowledge, has created the most accomplished collection of Indian Paper Money from its inception to the present. His collection has been built over a period of 50 years, which saw in-depth research and study of this subject. This culminated in him coauthoring an encyclopedic book, The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money, which was released in 2012. This guide has become the single most reliable point of reference on Indian Paper Money and can verily be said to be the Bible for Indian Paper Money

In 2017, Mr. Razack authored a second book, One Rupee - One Hundred Years 1917-2017, to mark the 100th anniversary of the issue of the One Rupee note in India.

Mr. Razack is the Chairman of International Bank Note Society – India Banknote Collectors’ Chapter. IBNS awarded Mr. Razack for his significant contribution to The Advancement of Numismatic Knowledge for his article titled, ‘Banknotes of Portuguese India’. IBNS also conferred on Mr. Razack the Literary Achievement Award and the “Fred Philipson Award” Honorable Mention for his article in the Journal.

Mr. Razack shares his knowledge with students and encourages budding collectors to promote numismatics as a hobby. He writes regularly on Indian Paper Money for numismatic publications in India and overseas. His long-cherished dream to establish the ‘Rezwan Razack’s Museum on Indian Paper Money’ in Bengaluru dedicated to Indian Paper Money became a reality in February 2020.

In the true sense, Mr. Razack is the restorer and preserver of a national heritage, which could otherwise have been easily lost. His name is synonymous with Indian numismatics and will always resonate at a mere mention of Indian Paper Money anywhere and forever.