Anjum Jung Executive Director - Interior Design

Anjum Jung

Executive Director – Interior Design

Behind Morph Design Company’s (MDC) two decades of growth lies Anjum Jung. Anjum has nurtured MDC into one of the country’s most respected decor studios with a globally recognized clientele and numerous national and international awards to its credit.

Educated at Cornell, Anjum has employed a bottom-up organizational design approach with MDC. She’s responsible for business development, strategic planning, diversification, and project management along with all other key executive functions. Her work is inspired by a diverse set of influences, both traditional and contemporary, and she references the Deco and Nouveau period styles as being particularly impactful. Firmly believing in the importance of constant evolution for prolonged success, Anjum doesn’t hesitate to incorporate innovative materials into her projects, work with young artists and experiment with all aspects of execution.

Under Anjum’s leadership, MDC has emerged as an industry leader, in part, due to her decision to entirely vertically integrate the firm. This decision, taken due to the lack of originality and quality in the market, helped MDC become one of the only companies in India to have this level of process control. These high standards and an unyielding pursuit for excellence has led to the creation of an extensive portfolio of world-class residential, hospitality, retail and commercial spaces.

In addition to being a food lover and chef, Anjum reads voraciously, travels extensively, and is an art and antiques collector.