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If Golf is the name of your game, then the Prestige Golfshire is the place to be. The property is 275 acres of lush greenery and located at the foot of the Nandi Hills on the edge of Lake Karehalli.Prestige Golfshire is a refreshing change to your daily lifestyle and an exotic getaway, making it an ideal place for a peaceful holiday

Resort Amenities 

This Golf resort offers an ultra-luxurious experience in Golfing and Residential Living, with its mansions, Falcon Greens Clubhouse, Marriott Luxury Hotel & Convention Centre, Quan Luxury Spa, Private Lake and an 18-Hole Championship Golf Course.

Amidst Nature

Prestige Golfshire is home to a picturesque setting. A setting that’s mesmerizing, breathtaking and soulful. Take a break and head to Prestige Golfshire, it’s one place that will refresh you. The serene landscape is simply inspiring!

Perfect Weekend Getaway with Friends or Family

Be it a Sunday brunch with friends or a family holiday, Prestige Golfshire resort has something for everyone. A good long drive to the property followed by a peaceful experience is all you need to unwind. With a historic hill set against the background and a game of golf ready, you are sure to experience a great time. You can enjoy a moment of Zen away from the hustle & bustle of the city life.

World Class Golf Course

The Prestige Golfshire’s world-class golf course is designed and conceptualized by PGA Design Consulting and is managed by the world-renowned Golf Resort Management Organization, Troon Golf.


The resort is only 10 km from the International Airport, making it an ideal destination for domestic as well as international guests.

If you are thinking of a fantastic vacation, then Prestige Golfshire is the best place to be. Come play a game of golf, spend time with your friends and family, unwind from your daily life, experience the beauty of nature and take serene walks around lush greenery. Prestige Golfshire is a resort that will leave you with picture perfect memories. So pack your bags and head over to Prestige Golfshire.

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