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The Pandemic has shut down all avenues and means and alienated us from the sense of the word- "Outdoors". We are living in a shell, confined within the four walls of our homes, too scared and officially restricted to venture out. Although, this is the need of the hour to protect us from this harmful Virus, these measures have steadily climbed up to bring out its adverse effects on our physical and mental health, and wellness. The whole environment is building up to be a claustrophobic bubble with nowhere to go.

In contrast to that, people living in gated communities have a completely different perspective and response to dealing with these times. Even though they can't go outside, they have a whole world right inside the walls of their own premise. It’s a mini society of its own, with all the facilities that are required to sustain, preventing the need to go out as little as possible and there are various factors responsible for it.

Social Life and Engagement: To avoid feeling alienated, you can interact and meet up with people within your society. Get to know the people in your community better to have a new social circle and more friends. You can also arrange for events and engagement activities, following all safety protocols to continue having communication, enjoyment and a sense of normality.

Safety in Current Period: People feel much safer with security guards safeguarding their well-being 24/7. Also, no outside vendors, salespeople or other unknown entities can venture inside without approval, sanitization and temperature checks. Hence, they offer the mental peace of being safe and isolated from virus exposure.
Access to Community Amenities: Gated societies offer a plethora of entertainment and wellness facilities, which can be accessed, following COVID safety norms. A sound body and mind are interrelated. So maintain your physical and mental well-being by accessing the gym, clubhouse, pool, jogging track, tennis, badminton, squash or basketball courts and all other available amenities.

Special Amenities for Children: They provide for spaces and play areas for children to vent out their pent up energy. It is necessary for them to get outside and engage in some physical activity and get fresh air. They can mingle with other children; utilize the cycling, skating and jogging tracks and other sport amenities.

Open and Green Spaces- Green Spaces give the unrestrained joy of pure freedom and nature in its raw form. Gated communities come surrounded with trees, gardens, and lots of open spaces. Walk around and the fresh air here takes away all the stress, frustration distressing you and instills you with inner peace.

Eco-Friendly Living: These communities take care and remind us too towards our responsibility towards nature, so that we and our future generation can learn and follow an eco-friendly lifestyle. They come empowered with features such as rainwater harvesting, water and waste recycling, efficient garbage disposal, treatment and compost production.

Apart from that you are also provided with 24/7 power backup, treated water supply, grocery supply and efficient parking system. A world within a world, a gated community is a new way of sustainable and co-dependent living, which has been amply proved to us during the Pandemic. Help is a hand away in any joy or sorrow, and you are in this together with your Community.

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