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The Risk Management Committee comprises of the following as members

S.No Name Designation
1 Mr. Irfan Razack Chairman of the Committee
2 Mr. Rezwan Razack Member
3 Mr. Noaman Razack Member
4 Mr. Uzma Irfan Member
5 Mr. Jagdeesh K Reddy Member
6 Mr. Pangal Ranganath Nayak Member
7 Mr. S N Nagendra Member
8 Dr. Ravindra Munishwar Mehta Member

Mr. Manoj Krishna J V, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer, acts as Secretary to the Risk Management Committee.

The role of Risk Management Committee is as follows
  • The members shall identify and analyse all material risks, both external and internal as far as their department is concerned and report the risks along with their assessment of Risks which are beyond the Risk Tolerance level to the RMC.

  • RMC would consolidate the views expressed by the members and also provide for mitigation of such risks and it shall report to the Audit Committee of the Company in the form of an action plan.

  • The Audit Committee is bestowed with the duty of considering the information as placed by the RMC and delineate it to the Board along with its comments and reviews thereon.

  • The Board's role is to ensure framing, implementing and monitoring risk management plan, having in place systems for risk management as part of internal controls with duty being cast upon Independent Directors to bring unbiased angle to the Board's deliberations on making risk management systems more robust.

  • All other employees are also equally responsible to alert any possible Risks and to raise Risks they have identified with their managers or directly to the members.

The Committee shall have power to invite the functional heads of the Company for identification of risks in their functions and steps taken to mitigate those risks.

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