Prestige Hermitage

Prestige Hermitage

Kensington Road, Kensington Road, Bengaluru , 560008. Get Directions

Project Highlights

Development Size 1 Acres
Number of Units 23 units
Bedrooms 4

About Prestige Hermitage

The creative genius of the master sculptor, the expressive flair of the classical diva, the mystical lustre of a celebrated gemstone… All these are timeless in their quality and belong to the ages. They are the measures of their own genius, for which no common yardstick will suffice. Of such incomparable stock, without peer in its time, is Prestige Hermitage. A home that has not been built, but carefully sculpted to realise a creative vision that is larger than life. A vision that resonates with the tastes and needs of those rarefied few, whose very presence is a command. A single tower of twenty three floors. With just one home on each floor. Keeping your privacy inviolate. And your space sacred.


Master/Unit Plans


  • Childrens Play Area
  • Gymnasium
  • Health Club With Steam/Sauna
  • Squash Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Party Hall


1. Where and what is Prestige Hermitage?

Prestige Hermitage is located on Kensington Road, Bangalore. This is a Residential Development consisting of exclusive 23 Apartments.

2. What is its distance from M.G. Road?

The distance to Prestige Hermitage from M.G. Road is 1Km.

3. What are the different types of Apartments and what are their sizes?

Prestige Hermitage consists of 4 bedroom apartments & the area of the apartment is 7481 sq ft.

4. Is there a Clubhouse, if yes, what are the facilities?

Yes, there is a Clubhouse at Prestige Hermitage that is fully equipped with a Gymnasium, Health Club with Steam/Sauna, Squash court, Party Hall and Swimming Pool.

5. When can I expect to move into my new home?

This is a Ready to Move-in to Project, please contact our Sales Team for details.

6. Are modifications or internal changes permitted in the Apartment?

Prestige Hermitage has been master planned with a theme and design, external and internal finishes have been carefully chosen. Considering the timeline of delivery and the theme we are unable to accept changes/modifications.

7. What about Car Parking Space?

We can provide four car parking spaces for every apartment. Additional car parking requests will be taken up towards project completion, at an additional cost.

8. Is the title of the property clear?

Yes, The property is clear of all encumbrances and has obtained all the statutory approvals.

9. Has the BBMP/BDA sanctioned the plans?

Yes, the development plan has been sanctioned by BBMP

10. How do I book my Home at Prestige Hermitage?

  • Identify your Apartment
  • Fill the Booking Application Form
  • Pay by Cheque/DD
  • The Booking Amount is 20% of the Sale Value of your unit including Car Park.

11. What happens thereafter?

You will be required to issue Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) for the remaining amount within 30 days against which a formal letter of allotment will be issued. Agreements will follow after completion of the allotment process.

12. When do I get a confirmed allotment?

On payment of 20% of the Sale Value and submission of Post-dated Cheques for the remaining amount, the allotment will be confirmed.

13. Can I make a 100% down payment?

Yes 100% down payment is possible. Further discussion can be held with the sales team.

14. How are installments to be paid and is it time bound?

Installments are to be paid by way of Post-dated Cheques which is a pre-condition of the allotment. This schedule of payment is on a time bound basis as mentioned in the payment schedule.

15. What are the other additional amounts to be paid?

BESCOM & BWSSB Charges, Contribution to the Sinking Fund, Advance Maintenance Charges, Generator Charges, Khata Assessment Charges, Registration Charges, VAT, Service Tax and any other taxes will be required to be paid as per the prevailing guidelines at the time of possession.

16. What happens if I cancel my booking?

  • In the event, if you wish to cancel the booking, 2% of the Sale Value will be forfeited before agreements are executed and 15% of the Sale Value will be forfeited post agreements as Cancellation Fee and the balance will be returned without interest.
  • In case if the applicant(s) fails to execute the sale agreement within 15 days from the date of sending the agreement for execution by the company, then Prestige shall at its option be entitled to cancel the booking agreement and charge 5% of the sale value as cancellation charges.

17. What are the agreements that need to be signed?

The agreements that need to be signed are Agreement to Sell and Agreement to Construct, followed by a Sale Deed, at the time of possession.

18. What is the process of registration and when does registration take place?

Registration will be done only on completion of the development and on payment of the entire sale consideration including the additional charges. Registration will be facilitated by us through an advocate appointed by Prestige

19. What is the process of assignment?

  • Assignment can be done only after the Agreements have been signed, PDC’s given and the new party agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the principal agreement.
  • The Transfer Fees of 5% of the Sale Value will have to be paid. If you have availed of a loan then you have to also retrieve and hand over to Prestige all letters and documents issued by Prestige to the Bank/Housing Finance Institution.
  • Requests for assignments will be accepted only after 20% of the Sale Value and 5 Instalment payments are realized as per the payment schedule.

20. Has Prestige Hermitage been approved by Banks/Housing Finance Institutions (HFIs) for loans?

Yes, leading HFI’s have approved the development and will extend loans to customers based on their specified criteria.

21. What is my responsibility for disbursement of installments through HFIs?

It is your responsibility to ensure timely disbursement of instalments from HFI’s and no demand will be made by us to the HFI’s for the same. To facilitate smooth payments, customers are required to issue a consent letter. Post Dated Cheques handed over for the instalments will be returned on receipt of the payment from the HFI.

22. Who will take care of the maintenance of the property?

The maintenance will be taken care of by Prestige Property Management & Services. You can rest assured that Prestige Hermitage will be cared for by professionals.

23. What is the scheme for maintenance?

  • The scheme for maintenance is as under:
  • A sum of Rs.42/- per sq ft. Will be charged as the advance maintenance fee for the first year and will be collected at the time of closing of your account. From the second year onwards, maintenance charges will be levied as decided by the Association/Prestige Property Management & Services. All future payments are to be made favouring the Property Management Company.
  • An additional sum of Rs.42/- per sq ft. Corresponding to the super built-up area will be collected as Sinking Fund. This amount will be deposited in an Escrow Account and the accruals will be used for major expenditure.

24. Incase if I have any more questions/clarifications?

Please email us at or
Contact us on: Toll Free: 1800-313-0080